Prana – Mill Road

Prana is a fantastic Indian restaurant but please remember that it is very expensive, especially the beer

I’ve always had the same issue with Prana.

The food is always great quality here but the price has never been justifiable. I understand the idea behind having a mid-ranged restaurant above the usual Indians but below the high end Michellin restaurants, but dining here tonight has cemented the idea that you can still find food as good as this for way less if you know where to find it.

My vindaloo tonight was excellent. It ticked all the boxes I often moan about. It was hot, it was full of flavour, the meat quality was great, but at £15 I have to think of all the other places which managed to do this for 30-50% less.

Nobody should have to pay £5 for rice either. The 330ml beers were a staggering £4.50 🤯.

Not only that but they didn’t allow you to buy the larger bottles, so for anyone like me who enjoys the usual 660ml bottles with a curry, it was a staggering £9 😵.

The food was very well presented and the dishes came out in good time. I was also pleased with the selection of different cuisine on the menu. You’ll easily be able to find something on here.

The Onion Bahjis looked great but were a little undercooked.

The papadums and sauces were decent (the lime pickle was incredible! 😍) but the portions were incredibly stingy. Even after our £10 competition voucher + the Eat Out discount the bill came to a staggering £50 for two people (it would have been £70 otherwise).

I can’t see myself coming back here in the future. Knowing what other quality there is in the city and surrounding area which is significantly cheaper, I just can’t justify it.

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