Golden Spice – Cambridge

Golden Curry in Cambridge is one of the nicest Indian takeaways in the area

I finally got round to visiting the Golden Spice in Arbury.

The English Curry Award winning take away restaurant has been on my list of places to try for a while but due to geographical inconvenience has often eluded me. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this place from friends and people on the Curry Community and i can see why.

The chaps here are friendly, chatty and are always offering good deals with their ‘dish of the week.

The food is too without disappointment. Our onion bhaji’s were very nice and a good size. They had a real crispy texture and were full of flavour.

The chicken tikka starter was a decent standard too. Megan’s lamb rogan josh was described by my wife as “one of the best I’ve had in a while”.

My lamb naga was also exceptional. The lamb was of great quality and with very generous portions. You usually expect to see less lamb in a curry than what you’d expect see in a chicken dish, but not here (I’d love to know from others who have been here if they found it to be the same?).

The sauce in my naga had an excellent thick texture to it, and despite being very hot, had a great flavour, something id expect from a vindaloo perhaps.

The saag aloo was a generous portion size but lacking in spinnach.I’m glad I’ve finally managed to to try Golden Spice after such a long time hearing about it from others.

I can see the appeal with its friendly customer service, great food and decent online presence. Golden Spice certainly gives other rivals in the area such as Royal Spice and Kismet a run for their money and I look forward to coming back.

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