Having a snoop at Prana

A few weeks ago I noticed a new Indian restaurant on Mill Road. This was a huge relief for me because of the sudden decline in Indians on Cambridge’s mini “curry mile” has now reached HALF what it was a few years ago.
Last year Royal Spice closed down, which was one of my favourite Indians on Mill Road. Only a month later Chutney Joe’s closed, leaving only the Curry Queen, Kohinoor and Golden Spice left. 
I couldn’t figure out how Prana was an actual restaurant because its so small. At first glance, it looks like a take-away only establishment, but after my meal at The Golden Curry today I decided to pop in and have a chat. They were kind enough to show me around and the restaurant has a huge downstairs area. The claim there is 50 seats! 
I need to give this place a try! ASAP! 
The very idea there is a place in Cambridge I havent tried is KILLING ME!
  1. Address: 97 Mill Rd, Cambridge CB1 2AW
    Phone:01223 364221

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