Craft Beer from Little Downham (Ely) – Three Blind Mice

While visiting the Pigcasso food van in Haddenham this evening we discovered a locally made New England IPA by the Three Blind Mice brewery.

Three Blind Mice are located in Little Downham just off Ely, so naturally I had to give it a go being a proud fenland boy.

My heart nearly sank while it was being poured out as the drink itself is bright purple. The picture fails to do it justice but it looks identical to blackcurrant juice.

I was worried I had ordered an extra fruity craft beer or some sort of gimmicky sci fi concoction but luckily it was just the breweries way of messing with boring ol stuffed shirts like myself.

The IPA was delicious and fairy standard for an IPA. Incredibly smooth and certainly something I’d have again. 👍

Make sure you swing by the Haddenham Cherry Tree to try it. It was also featured at the Ely beer festival recently but will also be found at lots of other local craft beer venues.

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