Seoul Plaza – Mill Road 🇰🇷

I have always adored the Seoul Plaza. I have been coming here for well over a decade back when I used to visit Korean friends in the area. We would visit on a Friday afternoon and grab ingredients for dinner over the weekend. They would then introduce me to an unrealised world of Korean cuisine. It really opened my eyes back then and has helped shape my open mindedness about world food ever since.

It is places like this which make Cambridge such a great and diverse place to live.

One of the things which I used to love most about the Seoul Plaza was their delicious Hite Beer which was made from “natural well water”. I’m not really sure what that did for the beer but it was very smooth and refreshing none the less. I could never get enough of it and ended up clearing their fridge every time I popped in!

My sister and I decided to pop back and see how the place was holding up. During my last visit they were well known for having an absolutely huge selection of noodles, which kept me running during my night shifts back in the day. You just can’t get instant noodles of this quality in British supermarket (and certainly nothing as spicy either). So I was keen to stock up!

Upon entering the place was very busy. I was glad to see it still doing well. As remembered, there was a huge selection of noodles. The pictures only represented about half what was on offer, so I decided to grab myself a multi pack of my favourite, the Shin Ramyun noodles.

As you would expect from a Korean shop, there was a huge selection of kimchi. 🇰🇷

I was absolutely devastated to learn that my beloved Hite Beer was no longer being sold. I saw a selection of high-end Japanese beers which I knew to be a better quality but I must admit, I was still disappointed in missing out on my beloved Hite.

One of my favourite parts of Seoul Plaza was the sweet selection. It was still going strong here with selections of different treats from Japan, Korea, and China. I decided to grab a few random things and try them out. The chewy lemon sours were the best from here (in my opinion). Essentially, they were a very sour Starburst.

These were the real heroes of the day. Peanut or Almond Choco Sticks. These were absolutely heavenly and surprisingly thick and heavy. These would go great with ice cream!

My sister grabbed these “No Brand” sweet potato chips which were a vivid purple. I loved the philosophy behind these chips. As the box explains, they want to emphasise with their generic packaging that the true value comes from within and not the cheesy marketing. Very wise!

My sister and I were both big fans of these! As you would expect they were very sweet but also much lighter than a lot of British equivalents with significantly less salt

I’ve always been a big fan of supermarkets from other countries. It almost feels like going on holiday without the grueling journey through the airport. There is always something interesting to try and helps a small local business in doing so.

I won’t wait so long till my next visit. I cannot wait to see what else I can find on my next visit.

Thanks for reading.

I love you, Korea! 🇰🇷

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