Ed's beard review – Kohinoor Tandoori Restaurant (2010)

Originally Posted: 01/05/2010

Kohinoor Tandoori Restaurant:

This review may sound a little odd in parts but i am a little drunk when writing so bear with it 🙂

The initial view of the restaurant is very nice with an “ambitious” (thank you Dave) approach to the interior design which gives a good atmosphere to the setting.
The staff are friendly, the waiters giving a quick service on drinks even if the food is slightly delayed with its arrival in some circumstances. The owner however is a little bit too touchy with his customers, this may just be because i am ginger (and seeing one of us is actually a rarity in India) but it did seem a little too hands on for even the owner.
The food is very well presented and tastes good but that is where the good points end for this meal.
The bad points are however numerous in comparison. The main point being that the portions of rice were abysmal, a thin covering of a serving tray that was barely enough to encompass the serving of curry. This resulted in too much sauce being left over and were it not for the naan bread that was ordered would have left too much left over to have been dealt with.
The individual dish although tasting good was somewhat lacking in its description on the menu. I personally had the Mixed Vegetable Jalfrezi which was described as being “fairly hot” and its true substance being closer to a medium to lightly spiced curry. This seemed to have been a trend in the serving of others dishes where the spiciness promised didn’t exactly live up to its advertised heat.
Overall though despite its flaws i would still consider this to be a fairly good restaurant, the atmosphere was good and the food and staff, despite their flaws, were enjoyable.
I would give this restaurant a slightly thready 3 beards out of 5.

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