Why I love Indian House!

When people ask me what I think the best Indian restaurant in Cambridge is, so many places spring to mind. Indian House for me always comes up in my head but for some reason it’s never the place I have ever put straight at number one.

That is, until now!

Every time I visit Indian House in Newnham I am simply blown away by the quality of the food here, and the other day was no exception. The establishment is classy, beautifully located (next to the Mill Pond), and the service is always decent. The prices aren’t expensive either, especially when you consider the quality you get.
They have a ramp for disabled access too, which is more than can be said for a lot of places in the city! (Though I would like to see them get disabled toilets!)
During my last visit, everything was simply perfect. What else is there to say? Here is a quick summary of what I had and why it was so good.
The papadums and sauces were all sublime with generous portions. Thick and incredibly sweet mango chutney, juicy and sharp lime pickle, and a very thick and flavourful yoghurt!
The chicken korma was very thick and sweet with a great texture. Nothing to fault!
The chicken tikka vindaloo here was basically perfect. It was blindingly hot, full of flavour and had the nicest chicken I have ever had in a curry. It was tender, tikka’d perfectly (are you listening , Spice Box?) and was full of such flavour that it could be tasted through the smoky flavour and hot spice of the vindaloo. WOW! That’s pretty impressive for chicken!

So many places think they can get away with giving you average meat quality in a curry as they can cover it with spicy sauce, but not here. Not at India House.

The garlic naan stood out for me. Usually you can only taste a hint of garlic in a lot of establishments but this was bursting with flavour! (Warning for anyone going on a date here!). The naan was a good size with a lovely texture and was presented excellently.
You get all the treats and goodies you would expect after your meal too. Aniseed sweets, chocolates, a hot towel and the sweetest thing of all, a respectable bill!
I have kept this review short and sweet today because I have already reviewed it twice before.

Over the years it has always scored very high marks from me and I struggle to find fault with it. From today I have decided that Indian House is my official favourite Indian in Cambridgeshire (Though the Curry Queen on Mill Road still holds our No1 spot on our Cambridge Curry Crew poll!).

For the sake of reviewing, the only fault for me I can point out from dining here over the years (and by talking to other people who have been here too), is that Indian House sometimes struggled with slow service. It’s something I, and numerous others have noticed, so I am not alone in thinking this. That being said, this is easily made up for with their excellent customer service as when I have complained in the past I have been given a large glass of wine to shut me up! (which works well btw!)

Here are some more detailed experiences from the past few years.

Today 2015 – 9/10
18.5/20 – Pure consistent class!

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