Carriages Tea Room – Fen Drayton

There aren’t enough novelty places in Cambridgeshire. Novelty is not always a good thing, mind…unless it’s done well. Carriages Tea Room is one of those examples where it has been executed with class and precision.

Carriages in Dry Drayton offers a unique experience by giving you the opportunity to dine in actual railway carriages. It offers more than that however, with the full 1920’s railway station experience in classic British style too. It’s great to have something like this in the area as more often than not places like this are reserved for London or tourist areas. I can imagine this being a great place to take someone who is visiting from out of town.

The service here is fantastic and incredibly attentive. The team were so polite and due to the close proximity of the carriages were always close by if needed. Truly this is the experience you would expect from the golden days of railway travel.

The food here was fantastic and excellently presented. The scones weren’t as big as other places such as the Gonville Hotel but they tasted great. The sandwich selection was impressive too, offering 4 per person (at the Gonville it was 3).

The owner of the Cream Tea Tasters Facebook group Janice Doyle informed me that they now have a carriage which does not have fitted seats like a train. It is essentially an empty shell of a carriage with tables and chairs in the carriage.

If you are looking for the full railway experience then my recommendation is to request on booking the “first class carriage” which can be seen in the photo above with my cheesy face. This does not cost anything extra.

Thanks for reading!


Phone: 01954 233279

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