The Dinky Drinky Box – Toseland

Craft beer from the Dinky Driiky Box in Toesland

It didn’t take me long to plough through my craft beers from Highlands of Bluntisham and now I had completely run dry.

I thoroughly enjoyed my entry level craft beers such as Burnt Mill and other quality beers like the gorgeous Verdant Trumpet, but now I was looking to expand on my craft beer journey and see what else there was out there!

Luckily, I had the good people at Craft Beer In Cambridge to hand, a small but mighty group full of people who really know their stuff when it comes to craft beer. I had noticed that several craft beers had been getting unanimous praise from the community as of late, so I decided to have a hunt for places in the area which had them available.

Being the busy man that I am, I have struggled to get out and shop around but knew of a website called Click It Local which gives huge access to local business in my area. One such local business turns out to be one of my favourite watering holes – The Dinky Drinky Box. This is run by Craft Beer In Cambridge member and local craft beer enthusiasts Aidan and Louise Mullan, who offer an extensive range of hand selected craft beers through the site.

Both Aidan and Louise both know their craft beer and would only be selling something unless they truly loved it themselves, so I decided to put my trust in them and go for one of their craft beer packages. After looking through their selection of prosecco and beer, I decided to go for their IPA Bangers Collection which offers a package containing the “who’s who” in the craft beer world. One thing which particularly stood out for me was their selection of beer were all beers the Craft Beer In Cambridge community had been obsessing over the past few weeks. This was a good sign already!

The beers in IPA Bangers were…

• Verdant, MaryLou – Pale Ale

• Verdant, PUTTY – DIPA

• Cloudwater Collab (Together Again Series), Honk – DIPA

• Hideaway, Button Basher – NEIPA

• Thornbridge, Halcyon – Imperial IPA

• Cloudwater Collab (Together Again Series), When it Rains it Pours – TIPA

Verdant “Putty” and the Cloudwater Collab “When It Pours, It Rains” are two beers which have had no end of hype on the group and I was keen to give them a go. I put a few others in too, including Cheat Mode which was another one I had heard a few things about.

I ordered the IPA Bangers for £45 which came with FREE delivery on my first order. Keeping in mind that this delivery was FREE, I made the order at 08:30 in the morning…and it arrived at my door the same day at 15:45…A staggering 7 hours!

Upon arrival I did the usual photo shoot of the beers and decided to crack one open. I started with the Collaboration’s “When it pours, it rains” which was simply out of this world!

I really can’t wait to start exploring this selection more over the coming weeks (days) and sample some of the best craft beer the industry has to offer, hand picked by the team at Dinky Drinky Box.

A big thank you to Louise and Aidan at the Dinky Drinky Box and the good people at Craft Beer In Cambridge for the recommendations. I have never know a delivery to be so fast and so painless. If any of you in the Cambridgeshire area are every looking for super fast craft beer deliveries, then make sure to check out the Dinky Drinky Box through Click It Local . I have never known anything like it!


And support your local business!

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