Azahar – Spanish Street Food

During our visit to Brewboard to watch the Rugby, we noticed a Spanish food truck outside selling bocatas sandwiches.

I have always thought that Spanish food is grossly under represented in the UK market considering how good it is, so I was keen to give them a go otherwise I was not sure when I would have another chance to try them again.

The menu offers a selection of 4 different bocatas, ranging from vegetarian omelette and cheese all the way to pork, chicken, and chorizo sandwiches. Costs start from £7.50 to £9.

They also offer a selection of nuts and olives for £3 a pack. I decided to grab some olives which were pipped but also tasted fantastic.

Left: Chicken, Right: Chorizo.

I asked for their recommendation and the gentleman suggested I go for the chorizo with peppers, goats cheese, and mayo. My friend ordered the chicken with garlic and white wine to split with me so we could explore more of the menu. Unfortunately by the time the food was ready it got dark, so the light on the photos was not very good but the food was fantastic.

We felt that the chicken was a little dry but delicious none the less. The chorizo was absolutely fantastic. So succulent! The goats cheese really worked and added a juicy texture and deep flavour. I can see now why he recommended it and I can safely say that I would recommend it to you too.

They also do skinny chips, so I gave them a try. They added some sort of mayonnaise sauce which was fantastic.

Both my friend and I really enjoyed our visit to Azahar and I personally cant wait to try their chorizo bocatas again. Make sure you keep an eye out for it as you wont regret it!

Check them out on Facebook and their website to find out more.

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