Cam Spice Express – Chesterton.

I was delighted when I heard that my favourite Indian restaurant was opening another takeaway.

Located on the High Street, Cam Spice Express had its grand opening this afternoon, bringing the total number of restaurants under the Cam Spice umbrella to three!

For me, Cam Spice has always offered superb food for a competitive price, with their infamous lamb tawa being one of my favourite dishes of all time (so much so, that I recommended in my last issue of Velvet Magazine)

We ordered a Tandoori mixed grill which was fantastic. It came with chicken, lamb, and kebab, served with yogurt and a naan.

My wife had the chicken tikka masala which I was also able to try. This is a hard dish to get wrong but they managed to do an excellent job.

We also ordered saag aloo which was one of the best I’ve had in a while. The potatoes were well cooked and incredibly fluffy with a really generous portion of spinach.

As expected, my lamb tawa lived up to its reputation. I first fell in love with the lamb tawa thanks to Russell and the team at Cam Spice but nowhere else has ever managed to replicate it to the same quality. This makes it feel like an occasion every time I’m back at a Cam Spice restaurant.

The lamb is simply excellent and the portions were terrific. It’s always good to see generous portions of lamb in a dish. The meat was incredibly succulent and complimented the saag aloo perfectly.

Overall everyone was happy with their meal with absolutely no problems what so ever. This is good going for a grand opening as many restaurants are prone to teething problems. This is clearly down to Russell’s robust experience running three restaurants under his belt.

For anyone in Chesterton, Milton or the King’s Hedges area, Cam Spice Express is an absolute no-brainer!

Make sure to check them out!

Address: 180 High Street, Chesterton, Cambridge, CB4 1NS.

Phone: 01223 311 555 / 01223 355 884

Thanks for reading!

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