Scott’s – Mill Road

If there is one place in Cambridge to have brunch…it’s Scott’s.

Scott’s has replaced the Golden Curry Indian restaurant on Mill Road and it’s long been a place I’ve wanted to try for some time now.

Scott’s is well known for its “bottomless brunches” which offer a selection of different dishes (as seen below) including an unlimited supply of alcoholic beverages…including beer!

The brunches are limited to 90 minutes, so watch out as this can lead to a very quick and messy level of intoxication (if you are desperate to get your money’s worth). 😂

Upon entering the first thing I noticed was the wall of noise. The place is crammed without a single table spare. The brunches are clearly very popular and not a place for a quiet meal with the family. The noise only got louder as time went on and people got more drunk (especially if you are caught behind the table of inconsiderate screeching witches like we were 😖).

The service was rushed but they still managed to get us everything we needed within a good amount of time. We had to shout repeatedly at the top of our lungs to get anyone’s attention because of the noise.
One chap went off after we asked for sauces and never came back, so we had to order them again. I did feel for them a little as it was bedlam but they managed it well.

This is a place of high energy for high energy people, which is strangely contagious and something I started to embrace the longer I was there.

Lumber Jack Special

I went for the lumberjack special which was a cross between pancakes and a fry up. The entire meal was delicious, though the eggs were a little over done. I’d certainly recommend it for anyone who wants sweet & savoury, yet isn’t willing to compromise.

My wife had the poached eggs which looked absolutely amazing. I was having buyers remorse after ordering my very flat and dry looking fried eggs.


Their sausages came from across the road at the Mill Road Butcher. It was not only great to see local businesses supporting each other but was also reassuring to know where my food was coming from…as you could literally see it from where you were sitting!

Mill Road Butcher across the road (Facebook)

The potato cubes were excellent, as were the pancakes. Other than the fried eggs everything was perfect and I can really see why people come here.

I cannot comment on the alcohol as I was the designated driver (MR responsibility! 👍) but there is no doubt my family enjoyed it!

Bierra Moretti was available, which is one of the better low end beers. So you weren’t getting cheap rubbish for a fixed price, which was great to see. The fizz was also very well received.

Scott’s isn’t for everyone. It’s fast paced, busy (popular), and noisy. It sort of reminds me of a New York diner and fits well into the niche of people who crave the hustle and bustle of city life. It can be overwhelming at first but over time you find yourself embracing the atmosphere.

I really love being able to people watch out the window and see the world go by, so make sure to order a window table when booking.

All the food is fantastic and I love the fact that the food is sourced from other Mill Road businesses, which adds another level of support and community from the ever brilliant Mill Road food scene.

Thanks for reading!

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