A quick takeaway from Le Spice (Ely) ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

I popped by Le Spice in Ely for a last minute takeaway.

I always have a good experience during my visits here, as it’s one of those places which gets everything right. The service is warm and welcoming, the food is great, and the interior is stylish. During its busier times it has a bustling atmosphere which brings the restaurant to life. I’m a particular fan of their lamb which is always exceptional every time I visit.

We were treated to some papdums and a chutney tray, which came with yoghurt, lime pickle, and mango chutney. I was particularly fond of the yoghurt and the lime pickle. The onion salad was a little sad but the mango chutney was fairly standard.

One of the key reasons I keep coming back to Le Spice is their service. The team here always takes the time to have a little chat and always remember little details about my previous order. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s that old school style of customer service which turns a one time visitor into a long term customer.

I went for my usual favourite, the lamb tikka vindaloo with mushroom rice. This was absolutely superb. The lamb, as usual, was excellent. I find a lot of places often scrimp on lamb, as it’s slightly more expensive than other meat but the portions were very generous. They are cut in large chunks which went very well with being tikka’d. The curry was a little mild in the spice department for my liking, so if you order a vindaloo from Le Spice, make sure you ask for it hot.

I ordered saag aloo as a side, which, in my opinion, perfectly compliments a vindaloo. The saag aloo was delicious and was the perfect size to put in with a curry for a single person. This is a slightly smaller portion than a usual saag aloo from other places which usually gives enough for two, so keep this in mind while ordering.

My wife went for the chicken tikka masala with mushroom rice. She thoroughly enjoyed her meal. I tried some myself and I was really fond of the rich creamyness. It was a great example of a text book chicken tikka masala. My wife said that the chicken was good and tikka’d well but was mildly overcooked on the edges.

We ordered a peshwari naan, which was executed perfectly. It was filled very generously in the middle and the texture was soft and light.

I used some of the naan to wrap up a big piece of chicken tikka masala, which transformed it into a deliciously sweet creamy curried wrap. Perfection!

I also noticed a new beer on tap by Kingfisher and Freedom Brewery called Bombay Bicycle. This is a sessionable IPA designed especially to compliment Indian food. I have yet to try this but look forward to having a fresh pint on my next visit!

Overall, we were both very satisfied with our takeaway. Le Spice never disappoints and it continued that reputation this evening. I challenge anyone to find an Indian/Bangladeshi restaurant which does better lamb in a curry. Every time I’m in the mood for a lamb curry, this is my go to place.

Thanks for reading!

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