Rose and Mango – Newmarket

So here it is; 

My first review for the most excellent Cambridge Foodies site (Thank you to all involved) 

So, last Saturday at 7pm (the night before Mothers Day) I called the Plough in Ashley to confirm a couple of things about our booking for the following day. 

“There’s no booking under that name” was the reply from the person on the other end. 

“Ex squeeze me?” I thought – hang on; I definitely booked a table for 7, about 4 weeks ago. 

“Well it’s definitely not a booking here then; because we were fully booked for Mothers day 6 month ago” 

OMG what have I done? The blood rushed out of my head and I admitted defeat. After going through reams of call logs, it became clear I had booked the Plough, however not the one in Ashley, but one in a lovely little village in North Yorkshire.  And by this point it’s 8pm the night before Mothers Day.

As my late grandad would say “I’m in trouble” 🙂 

So I proceeded to call several places to find a quality roast dinner. No success. Desperation was setting in and as a last hope I called the Rose and Mango Indian in Newmarket. We got their last table and that was the point where this story takes a turn for the better. 

They were brilliant hosts, the venue impressed all of the family (which is unheard of in our house) and most importantly the food was simply 10/10. Can’t fault it. They offer lot of South Indian dishes you probably haven’t heard of before and a few familiar ones too – everyone had a great meal and mum ha said she’d go back there every year. The Syrian Beef Curry was hot and delicious. One of those dishes you can’t stop dipping in to. Even when you’re stuffed. The kids had Chicken Korma and were very happy and you can see their Grill Platter in the picture.  

The curry gods definitely saved me this year. Highly recommend you take a trip out to see them. 

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