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‘Advert – We were invited by the team at Homage2fromage to join their event for the purpose of the review. On this occasion we were not asked to pay to attend the event but no conditions were given on attending. Everything written is accurate and our unbiased opinion’ For more information on our policy, click here.

I recently had the pleasure of attending Homage2Fromage’s Cambridge debut cheese tasting event at The Grain & Hop Store, with fellow Foodies founder Simon Tompkins. And let me tell you, we had a gouda time! (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

Ad – The Brook Pub, Mill Road. Click image for more.

I’ve always liked the venue and have some fond memories there. Of course adding cheese to my memories could only compliment them, so we headed straight upstairs and our host Jamie checked us off his list and directed us to our seats. Very conveniently located right next to the cheese.

First port of call was of course the bar, and whilst the beer selection isn’t mind-blowing, it at least offers up plenty of decent quality and variety. Though Simon will bemoan the fact it no longer has Pilsner Urquell on tap.

At our table we had a tasting card, but the names of the cheeses were being kept a mystery. Simply numbered 1 to 8 we wouldn’t find out what they’re called until the end. Fine by me, I was quite happy salivating at the thought of shovelling any and indeed all of the mystery cheeses down my gullet. The events are themed, with this month being Gaelic cheese, offering a selection of Welsh and Irish cheeses. Next month’s event aims to look at the Italian cheeses.

Our host really helped to set the tone for the evening as he opened the festivities. He had an informal and humour-filled approach, inviting us to start the scramble for cheese mountain with a collective “Cheeeeeeese!” A queue formed pretty much immediately at both tables. Still being on crutches I reluctantly sent my man-servant Sy to fetch the cheese, as I soaked up the excitement-filled atmosphere.

Truth be told, the atmosphere was nothing like I had expected it to be. I’d imagined stiff collars and a certain amount of snobbery, but there was none of that. More a vibrating throng containing people of all ages, all with a common goal. Consuming as much lovely cheese as they can, with the occasional boozy glug to wash it down, in a room full of vibrant chatter.

The cheese did not disappoint! My only minor criticism of the selection being that I’d have liked another blue option. But I certainly wouldn’t have wanted that to come at the expense of any of the others. So I suppose I’m just being greedy…

Our host Jamie worked his way around the room, and we carefully analysed the 8 different cheeses put before us. By analysed I of course mean shovelled it into our faces.

There was a great selection of cheeses I’d never heard of, let alone tried before – from a Hafod Cheddar (from Wales’ longest certified Organic dairy farm) to the Cashel Blue (their only Irish cheese of the night). After two more trips cheese sweats kicked in and our host was calling a halt to the evening. He talked through the different cheeses we’d tried, of which there were several award winners, and even made mention of our dear King. He also gave us handy tasting notes with more information about the cheeses – very helpful for finding our favourites to buy more (the Red Storm, a modern take on a red Leicester and made by Snowdonia Cheese Company, who also make Black Bomber – a truly excellent cheddar – was a particular favourite of mine).

A truly brilliant night with an excellent host, fine cheese, and very little to complain about. If I were to pluck one minor criticism out of the whole evening, I’d say they could have gone up a tier with the condiments. But I can forgive the Tesco branded Onion Chutney, as Jamie helped me discover blue cheese and honey for the first time. Give it a go, it really works!

Our host offered up the remaining cheese to whoever was left to take home, and stood at the table cling film in hand, wrapping cheese for his guests. Armed with about 2 pounds of different cheeses between us, Simon and I waddled back to the carpark and headed home.

I can’t recommend this evening enough, it’s really accessible, rammed full of cheese, astonishingly good value for money, and a brilliant night was had by all. Thankfully they’re here to stay, so please feel free to book onto their next event where they celebrate Italian cheese on the 26th of April. You can book here.


One thought on “Homage2fromage – Cambridge

  1. I too loved it but would prefer a little more info on the cheeses (i did get the paper info after) and all the cheese to be cut up before as it was difficult to do it one handed while balancing a plate!


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