Bengal Village – Brick Lane

Well, Begal Village was nothing to shout about really. Brick Lane has a reputation for great Indian cuisine, but we forget that there is also alot of rubbish there too. How this place won any awards I’ll never know!
Especially with places like Aladins, Monsoon and Tayyabs around the corner.

We were attracted by the 40% deal which, to be fair, they did honour. It made our meal a reasonable price. About average with the other competitive prices on Brick Lane. If you are unable to catch these deals then I’d say that you are paying about average Brick Lane prices.

The waiter was in a right mood. He clearly didn’t want to be there. The walls were also dirty and worn.

There was a good selection on the menu including a “hottest curry in London”. Don’t be fooled by this. It may be hot but they have a curry named something similar in every place on Brick Lane.

The starters were pretty decent. The sheek kebab and vegetable samosas were average quality. The papadums tasted fine, but the side sauces were awful.

The main courses came out in reasonable time. The portions were decent and well presented, but nothing stood out as special. The mushroom rice, saag aloo, and peshwari naan were probably the best items in the course.

My vindaloo was disappointing. It had a kick to it but was tomatoey, oily and lacked any real flavour. Megans chicken tikka masala was quite nice but looked radioactive. Probably down to a heavy handed use of artificial colourings and e-numbers. Certainly not the standard you expect from a multi award winning Indian.

We got some microwaves wet wipes which were passed off as hot towels, along with some chocolates. After our meal we were left feeling quite disappointed. Luckily my boy enjoyed himself, but was sadly far too young to know any better.

How this place won any awards I’ll never know. I’m glad I’ve finally managed to try the place, as there is a lot of buzz about Bengal Village online. Now I can firmly put this behind me as an ordinary, trashy, slop in a bucket establishment aimed at pissed curry heads on a Saturday night.

I still enjoyed my experience walking down Brick Lane. Its always lovey to see such a vibrant and diverse community full of such great places to eat.

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