Hakka – Million Road

Hakka is a place of contrast. I remember walking past here for years thinking that it was an old run down restaurant which had closed a long time ago. Granted, it was run down but miraculously it was still open, operational, and apparently serving some of the best Chinese food in the city!

Walking in, I felt like I had found a local secret hiding in plain sight. It’s also located on the tail end of Milton Road near Michams Corner which is a place notoriously hostile to drivers. If you live outside the city then this makes visiting a challenge, especially when there are other easier places to get to. This made the experience more exciting for me as it’s a place I’ve passed often but not really focused much time on, so arriving felt like I was exploring an unfamiliar area.

Hakka is a bit awkward getting in if you are a wheelchair user due to its strange double doors in a corner.

The restaurant is very dated and though the picture doesn’t really show it, the carpet is in an abysmal state. The chairs are very similar to ones you’d find at school or in a local library and the interior decorating does nothing for the atmosphere. Sitting indoors was very clinical and felt like a place which badly needed some investment.

There is a wide selection of food available. Nobody will be coming here disappointed with the selection which is offered. You can expect to find noodle dishes, a wide choice of seafood, as well as Sweet & Sours, curries, soups, sizzling, Ahsan, and Bean Curd dishes. Dishes are coming to around £12-15 each, which is starting to get on the expensive side.

I apologise for the poor photos but we only had a very dated camera phone to hand but the food was excellent. We both went for a curry and did not really explore the menu too much. Portions were generous which justified the £12 cost.

I appreciate that this was a very anemic review without much detail but I was impressed with the quality I did see. I have heard a lot of positive feedback from other Cambridge Foodies who feel that Hakka is a hidden gem of the city which hides in plain sight. If you can look past the interior and focus on the food I feel that there is a lot of their menu which could excite many.

Hakka, Mitcham’s Corner, Milton Road, Cambridge. Wonderful meal…..turbot worthy of Roman Emperors!!!!!! A real gourmet experience!!!

Cambridge Foodie

Daniel at Hakka is a flippin’ legend! Some of the best Chinese in Cambs. Daniel is a one man army.

Local resident.

Hakka near to Mitchams Corner. Need to look past the decor and the fact that the owner/chef/waiter (he does all singlehandedly!) can be grumpy especially if you don’t know him as his food is incredible

Cambridge Foodie

Seafood at Hakka always amazing for me, mussels and turbot particularly.

Cambridge Foodie

We are going to Hakka soon with some friends we love it best Chinese seafood dishes I’ve ever had.

Cambridge Foodie

I really look forward to coming back in the future and seeing more of what the restaurant has to offer. Watch this space!

Are you a big fan of Hakka? Get in touch and I will add any opinions or photos to the review.

Thanks for reading!

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