Spring Chinese restaurant – Mill Road

My friend and I were looking for somewhere a bit different, so decided to pop down Mill Road and find something tucked away and off the radar. We were looking for a hidden gem and there is no better place to find these than Mill Road, which is absolutely littered with them.

We stumbled across Spring Chinese Restaurant. This is a small family run restaurant which has been open for five years at the time of writing. This means I must have walked past it a hundred times without noticing its existence! This is what Mill Road is all about. Just when you think you’ve tried them all, you find out that you have barely scratched the surface.

This place is authentic as it gets with the entire menu in Chinese. Luckily, for those of us who do not speak Chinese, there were pictures and English in small print to help us navigate the menu. The restaurant is very small but it was still rammed full of Chinese people, which is always a great sign of its authenticity. Prices were very competitive and about half the price of Hakka on Milton Road.

The food here is very good. Not only does it have a large authentic menu but everything was done well. It isn’t going to win awards but for its competitive prices offers tremendous value. Frankly, I preferred Hakka on a dish to dish comparison but when you factor in the price difference, then Spring Chinese Restaurant is going to win my vote nearly every time, unless it’s a special occasion. I can see why this place is so busy as it’s the kind of place you can pop in several times a week and barely notice a dent in your wallet.

Lemon chicken noodles

Don’t take my word for it. Check out these comments from some of the other Cambridge Foodies in the group.

I’m veggie and their cucumber starter and fried lotus root are exceptional!

Cambridge Foodie

Spring is our weekly go-to. Sea bass!

Cambridge Foodie

Spring on Mill Road is very good!

Cambridge Foodie

What do you think? Are there better value Chinese restaurants in Cambridge? Let us know on the Cambridge Foodies Facebook group.

Thanks for reading!

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