The return to Khaani…after one week!

The best curry St Ives has to offer

I visited the Khaani in St Ives recently after being lucky enough to win their competition and was absolutely blown away by their Chicken Ruby dish.

For anyone who knows me, I love a hot and spicy curry. A specially requested “extra hot” vindaloo is my usual dish (if not a naga or phal). For me the fiery taste of a spicy dish adds an extra level of flavour and excitement which really makes a meal stand out. I have been having dishes like this for so long now I’ve almost forgotten what its like to have a regular meal. If you had asked me a few weeks ago if I would consider a curry which was not hot enough to melt your face, I would have laughed!
…That is, until last week.
Upon winning the recent competition at the Khaani Indian Kitchen, I ordered my usual vindaloo and my wife tried the Chicken Ruby as it was described as similar to her usual favourite, the Chicken Tikka Masala.
The description states the Chicken Ruby as “a dish which has everything: spice, sweet, savoury, and utterly addictive”. Something which sounded nice (which is why we ordered it) but completely underestimated the potency of its addictiveness. I am glad they warned us, as after trying a small spoon full of her left overs I was hooked…and I have not been able to stop thinking about it since!

The dish itself is not at all spicy like the dishes I usually crave but it had enough depth of flavour to blow me away by itself. So creamy, so flavourful, a hint of zest which really makes the dish pop. You can see the holes in the incredibly juicy chicken where it has been tikka’d properly.

Either way, it took me only a week to head back and try it again. Something I have never done so quickly before in my life and this time I ordered an entire dish myself. It felt strange not having a really hot dish but it held up to my memory and was everything I remembered. My nephew had a chicken tikka masala too and I must admit it was one of the best I have ever sampled. Keeping in mind that this is a takeaway and not gourmet, it was an absolutely perfect execution of what a chicken tikka should be.

One extra thing I noticed was that Khaani deliver to Sutton too, which is impressive considering it is a 20 mile round trip. You will have to pay £6 for the delivery but it is fantastic to have a place of such quality deliver out there!

The Khaani is quickly becoming my favourite takeaway within delivery distance of Sutton!

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