India Garden 2 – Fordham

Fordham indian restaurant takeaway

I had the pleasure of trying the new India Garden 2 in Fordham.

This is the sister restaurant to the India Garden in Littleport, so I was excited to try and see what it had to offer.

I ordered a chicken Rogan Josh, vegetable rice, saag aloo, chicken tikka vindaloo, and some mushroom rice.

I asked for an extra hot vindaloo and that’s exactly what I got. It’s rare to find a place which will give you a truly hot curry these days which deserved credit. The curry had a good look to it. No sign of artificial colourings. It looked the part and nothing stood out as unauthentic.

The curry went down well, though it did lack a certain texture. The meat quality seemed to also lack flavour which was disappointing.

The rice portions were decent and were cooked perfectly. The saag aloo was great also, which really complimented the curry well.

The papadums were very nice but the sauces stood out as great. I really enjoyed the yogurt and the lime pickle. The mango chutney was a little lacking and tasted like the cheap mass produced stuff but otherwise the other sauces were great.

The basics were all served well here, though I can’t help but feel like India Garden lacked a certain X-factor with the fundamentals of the main courses.

This will serve the average person on a Friday night well, though if you are looking for something particularly gourmet or specialist then I would venture out to Ely or Cambridge.

Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “India Garden 2 – Fordham

    1. Yes, the average person who just wants a every day curry will be happy with this. If you are someone who is looking for something special or gourmet you will probably be left disappointed. It will serve the village well.

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  1. What a strange review. This review offers very little in the way of constructive criticism. You barely mention what you like/dislike and why. It’s basically an article stating what you had. You also seem to suggest that the residents of Fordham are basic people with no standards.

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    1. Thanks for the comment.

      There is no mention of the people of Fordham being basic. I am referring to the average consumer who is not looking for anything particularly authentic. If you are getting that from my article then you are looking for something which is not there (or perhaps an insecurity within yourself?). I have friends in Fordham and I would never suggest such a thing.

      If you read the article properly then you will noticed that I liked the heat of the curry, the rice portions, and the food presentation. I also mentioned that I disliked the texture of the curry and the mango chutney.

      The conclusion is that it is a fairly decent all round Indian which serves the village well but will not blow away any Foodies. If you think that is harsh then I am not going to apologise because your feelings are hurt.

      Thank you.

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