Riverside Bar & Kitchen – Ely

We popped in for a quick drink at the RBK in Ely this afternoon. This has always been a prime location for summer drinking as it’s perfectly located on the Ely riverside.

A common problem with riverside pubs is the inevitable battle for a table on a sunny day. That has never been an issue here as there are so many tables. There is seating inside, under the willow trees, and on the picnic tables. You can pretty much roll up unplanned and be confident that you’ll be able to find a seat.

The wheelchair access here is fantastic with a floor which is on the same level as the ground outside. There is no need for a ramp and the entrance is incredibly wide and always left open 👍 top marks!

There were three beers on tap, ranging from Prava, Peroni, and Atlantic. I’m a big Czech beer fan but unfortunately Prava is a mass produced beer by Staropramen which, ironically, is a mass produced beer of it’s native Czech equivalent, as Staropramen in the UK is licensed by Carlsberg and owned by Coors.

Because of this, I decided to go for the Atlantic, an IPA with a hint of citrus flavour. This is a very light and easy beer which is perfect for a summer drink by the river but unfortunately lacked any real depth or flavour. For a staggering £5.50 a pint, I expect more.

You can’t beat views like this however, and who can put a price on sitting by a lovely river like this with a beer? It was great watching the world fly by and knowing I can just rock up and almost guarantee a seat is worth an extra few quid for a beer any day. If you were in Cambridge you’d be battling or having to book a table a week in advance.

This is why I love Ely. Free parking, lovely views, not too crowded, and always a free seat. There is no doubt I’ll be back!

Thanks for reading!

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