Seven Wives – St Ives

England were playing Germany in the women’s euro final, so naturally this called for a true live football experience.

My father lives in St Ives and he recommended going to the Seven Wives on Ramsey Road as it is a well known sports friendly pub.

The Seven Wives isn’t much to behold on the inside but walking into the back they had clearly invested a lot of money into the garden area. They have built a huge canopy across half of the garden with an outside bar, stage, and huge seating area. This makes it possible as the British weather is, as you know, unreliable.

The atmosphere here is fantastic which is perfect for live events. The beer selection was very basic with choices such as Estrella, San Miguel, and Red Stripe on tap. The beer didn’t taste great either and was clearly not looked after. I remember visiting Lot 25 in Willingham which sold Estrella and it was significantly better than the stuff here to the point it was almost like an entirely different drink. That said, it was noticely cheaper

We ordered some food while watching the game. The menu was incredibly basic and consisted of vegetarian burgers, beef burgers, and chicken burgers. There was a choice of cheesy chips and regular chips but that was about it. We were given an alarm reminiscent of my Pig-casso  visit a few months ago which alerted you when your food was ready. This was a fantastic idea as the pub was absolutely rammed.

The food was incredibly bleak but the evening was still fantastic. Everyone was getting on, the buzz was full of hype, and the children were nowhere to be found thanks to a bouncy castle. This is not a place for craft beer enthusiasts but clearly a pub for the people. Families, friends, and big events. There is nowhere like this in the town and it’s well worth a visit. Even the parking is great.

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